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    Registration is allowed for Business* account: to check out products and prices, place orders and requests.

    However orders, quotations and other requests can always be placed by email or phone.

  • Quality & Service

    we try to do our best with quality service and products, we work with reliable producers and where possible we pay attention on local producers and organic products

  • Order & Delivery

    Delivery methods and costs depends on the location. For Free shipping costs (franco versturen) we ask for a minimum order, special deal for first order and new clients. For any clarification please contacts us.

  • Contact

    For any doubts you can contact us via this form or via email info@prelibato.nl or phone +31 (0) 6 31912416

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INFORMATION : We are trying to keep our assortment on the website updated, however some new products or prices change might not be always visible.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask more information or if you have any doubts.
Orders placed via Website are always confirmed per email or phone.

* Registration is permitted ONLY for BeNelux countries and ONLY for Business clients in the sector:
HoReCa, delicatessen shops, chocolate shops, slijterij and wijnhandel, healthy-products stores, webshops, cooking workshops etc.

If you are a company that belong to another industry please contact us before to register on the website.

If you are a private and you are interested in some of our products you can of course contact us and we would advice you where to find what you are looking for.