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November 2017 - New in assortment

New products November 2017

New products November 2017



July 2016 - New in assortment: Fruit juices and fruit nectar

100% Appel juice, Blueberry, Blueberry without added sugars,
Blueberry & Appel, Cranberry, Mix berries

glas bottle 200 ml / 250 ml

Fruit juices and fruit nectar


Fruit drinks - Drink alla frutta 200 ml

Pineapple, Pear, Peach, Orange, Liquorice

Fruit juices and fruit nectar


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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April 2016 - New in assortment: Organic Fair Trade coffee "Intenso"

Organic Fair Trade coffee beans
Biologische Fair Trade koffiebonen


Organic Fair Trade coffee pods

Biologische Fair Trade koffiepads


Organic Fair Trade coffee capsule nespresso

Biologische Fair Trade koffiecapsules nespresso

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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January 2016 - New in assortment

100% italian extra vergin olive oil and organic products from "Le Terre di Zoè"

100% Italiaanse Extra vergine olijfolie - uit Calabrië (zuid Italië)
Olijvensoorten: 100% Ottobratica
Kleur: licht groen met gouden gloed
Geur: delicaat fruitig
Smaak: uitgebalanceerde smaak
100% Italiaanse Extra vergine olijfolie 5 Lt of 3 Lt 100% Italiaanse Extra vergine olijfolie - uit Calabrië (zuid Italië)  250ml of 750ml

Biologische sinaasappelsap - 100% puur sap -  glazen flesje 200ml

Biologische Clementine marmelade 240 Gr

Biologische bloedsinaasappel marmelade 240 Gr


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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October 2015 - Panettone, pandoro and christmas products

Panettone, pandoro en kerst producten


Limited availability

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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21st September - NEW Pasta from Campofilone in assortment

We are happy to introduce the handmade Pasta from Campofilone in the assortiment.

Quality products including 100% wholegrain spelt selection.

Packs of 250 Gr.

Catering packs for HoReCa available on request.

Handmade Pasta from Campofilone

 100% Wholegrain emmer Pasta 250gr


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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10th july -  NEW Rice and Risotto from "Riso Margherita" in assortment

We have introduced in the assortiment quality italian rice Carnaroli (also brown), Arborio in packs of 500 Gr. or 1 Kg.

Brown rice Rosso Ermes and Nero Venere 500 Gr.

Also Risotto in packs of 250 Gr. is available, with different recipes:

pumpkins, vegetables,asparagus, artichokes, paprika, tomato and basil, radicchio rosso, rosemary, zucchini and saffron, porcini mushrooms (funghi porcini), truffles

Carnaroli and Arborio rice 1 Kg or 500 Gr.

Brown rice Rosso Ermes and Nero Venere 500gr

Risotti 250gr: pumpkins, vegetables,asparagus, artichokes, paprika, tomato and basil, radicchio rosso, rosemary, zucchini and saffron, porcini mushrooms (funghi porcini), truffles


For more information please contact us by phone or email.

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5th januari 2015 -  NEW Cantuccini and Amaretti cookies in assortiment

Our new assortiment of classic and soft Cantuccini cookies and soft Tuscan Amaretti, for Retail and HoReCa:

Ghiott Cantuccini and Amaretti cookies


If you need more information please contact us.

12th november 2013 -  NEW craft beer “San Michele”

Birra San Michele is a beautiful craft beer brewed in a small microbrewery in Piemonte (Northern- Italy).


Craft raw beer often drunk in the past but now difficult to find. Brewed with passion, unfiltered to keep the best quality, nutrients and flavors. Fresh water from the mountains is used during the production of this beer.


Special taste for a special beer that you cannot find everyday. Several types, from single-malt to triple-malt, and also a smoked and chestnut bier.

The chestnut award winner of the place Beer Of The Year 2011, 2012, 2013. (Chestnut beer cat.)


San Michele is available in nice bottles of 0,75 Lt and 0,50 Lt  and soon 0,33 Lt too.
With each beer you can have a brochure with information about the beer and advices on food and tastes combination.

Also special glas beer can be available on request.


ambachtelijk bier “San Michele”

Birra San Michele


Assortment beers

More information? please contact us!



2nd May 2013 -  NEW  "HUGO prosejito"

Hugo - "L’aperitivo per l' estate" 

Hugo is a cocktail made ​​of prosecco, 100% natural elderflower syrup, mint, sparkling water and concentrated lemon juice.

It is one of the most loved and enjoyed cocktails in northern Italy. Because of its beautiful, fruity and refreshing taste Hugo quickly becoming famous all over Europe!

The cocktail is finished by donating a few ice cubes and mint leaves him. Hugo is a real summer drink, tasty and refreshing, but also already delicious as an aperitif! Hugo is in a beautifully designed bottle with a champagne closure.

HUGO prosejito

For more information, click here



24th April 2013 - Organic products, pasta and tomato sauces


We have now a new section "Organic products" with organic prodcuts from "La Madre Terra": pasta and speltpasta, juices, flour, tomato sauces and more. 

La Madre Terra - organic products

And also new pasta, tomato sauces from "Coppola Foods" are added in our catalog. 

Tomato sauces, pasta, legume


Others products are available too, for more information please contact us.



2013 January -  New for HoReCa:  Dried Porcini mushrooms per Kg


Gedroogde Porcini paddestoelen per Kg.

In box from 1 Kg until 10 Kg.

Gedroogde Porcini paddestoelen


08th November -  New products : "Tarallini" , "Lingue di grano integrali" and "Friselle integrali"


- Tarallini with Olive Oil, Fennel, Pizzaiola, hot pepper (peperoncino)

- "Lingue di grano": "crunchy bruschetta bread" based on wholemeal

- "Friselle integrali lunghe": "crunchy bruschetta" bread based on wholemeal, typical product of souther italy

All dry products from the oven.

TaralliniLingue di grano





05th October 2012 - Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten Houten - Thank you


Here few pictures of our stand at the Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten in Houten (Utrecht), a special thank you to all our visitors and clients !!!



Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten 2012 Houten

Stand Prelibato Houten 2012

Houten beurs stand 2012



20th September 2012 - Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten 2012 Houten


We are at the the Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten in Houten (Utrecht) : 2nd and 3rd october !!!

Standnummer  NR. 305 :   a lot of new and nice products !! 


Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten 2012 Houten


24th July 2012 - Ricotta-cheese balls with tomatoes and carrots sauce


Ricotta-cheese balls - with tomatoes and carots sauce


Ingredients (3-4 persons):

  • 500 grams Ricotta cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 80 grams bread-crumbs
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 2 carrots
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 garlic
  • 1/2 glazs white wine
  • Parmigiano cheese
  • Basil
  • Extra virgin olive oil


- Cut the onion and the garlic, fry those slightly in extra virgin olive oil

- Cut tomatoes in cubes and carrots in thin slices, add those at the onion and garlic and cook   for a few minutes (high flame), gently add the white wine

- Add some salt and set flame lower, cook for 20-30 minutes

- In the meantime, put the ricotta cheese, eggs, bread-crumbs , parmesan (grated) and some black pepper in a recipient and mix all the ingredients together

- Roll and make the ricotta balls

- Add the balls to the pan with tomatoes and carrots.

- Close the pan with a lid and let the balls cook for 15-20 minutes (turn the balls at half of the   cooking time, eventually add some water if the tomato-carrot sauce looks dry )

- Add the basil

- Enjoy it!


Ricotta-cheese balls (1) Ricotta-cheese balls (2) Ricotta-cheese balls (3) Ricotta-cheese balls) - 4
Ricotta-cheese balls (5) Ricotta-cheese balls (6) Ricotta-cheese balls (7(7 Ricotta-cheese balls8




15th July 2012 - Grappa di Barbera


Grappa di Barbera


You can now find all the information of the nice Grappa di Barbera in the Liqueurs and spirits section.

A nice and young grappa from the Barbera grape variety (Piedmont) , crystalline appearance, soft and harmonious flavor.

This grappa is left to sit in stainless steel containers for approximately six months before being bottled.


If you are interested in this product please contact us for more information or look at the page "Partners and affiliates", you might find it in one of our resellers, a nice  liqueur store or restaurant close to your home.









9th July 2012 - New Truffle products: quality truffle sauces, truffle olive oil, truffle honey


In the new section "Truffle products" you can find black and white truffle sauces, truffle olive oil and white truffle honey, in small and large size. On request also fresh truffle is available.

Black truffle sauceWhite truffle sauce

White truffle oilWhite Truffle Honey


 - What are truffles ?? -




5th July 2012 - A refreshing drink with Peppermint syrup

We are now in the summer time, why do not go for a refreshing drink with peppermint?

With the "Menta verde" syrup from Vincenzi you can prepare nice cocktails or simple analcoholic drink.

In Italy is usual to ask at the Bar for "Acqua e menta" (Water,ice and peppermint) or "Latte e menta" (with milk).

Here a simple a short video for beginners that shows the right proportions to use, of course feel free to do your variation.

"Latte e menta - Milk and peppermint syrup" (video)

Melk en pepermunt siroopPeppermint syrup

30th June 2012 - New products: Tarallini with fennel seeds and olive oil


We have added new products in our catalog : "Tarallini al finocchio" (with fennel seeds) and "Tarallini all' olio d' oliva" (with olive oil), both of a local producer from Calabria region.

Tarallini with fennel seedsTarallini with olive oil




07th June 2012 - Chocolate roll with "Crema bicerina"


We are at the begin of June, but as everybody can confirm, here in Netherlands the summer is not arrived yet.

With this post we would like to share a nice recipe with a full taste of Turin chocolate, a Chocolate roll with the famous "Crema bicerina". We hope you will enjoy it.



Chocolate roll Crema Bicerina

Source (italian version) made by Lia: Blog GialloZafferano - Montagne di Biscotti


Ingredients (6 persons)

  • 2 spoons of cacao powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 grams flour
  • 90 grams sugar
  • 250 grams mascarpone
  • 1 spoon powdered sugar
  • 1 or 2 spoons of Crema Bicerina chocolate
  • 2 spoons of milk


 - Pour the mascarpone, powdered sugar, Crema bicerina chocolate in a recipient and amalgamate together, put it in the fridge and let it rest.

(For the roll)

- Separate the egg yolks from the whites.

- Work the egg reds with the sugar until you will get a foamy and light mixture, at the end add the cacao powder and the flour

- Whip the egg whites and add the whipped mixture to the mixture from the red eggs

- Put it in the pre-warmed oven at 180 C and cook it for 10-12 minutes

- Take an oven paper and make it wet with some water, squeeze out the excess water and lay it on a dish clot

- Pour the warm mixture on the oven paper and roll it, once you get a roll shape, remove softly the oven paper

- Let it rest for a while and after put it in the fridge for few hours.

- Fill the roll with chocolate cream and decorate with your fantasy.





04th June 2012 - New clients and new products

The section "Customers" has been updated: we have added 2 new business clients in the list.

We have added also new products in our Catalog: a quality "Chestnuts flour" and  "Granella hazelnuts (chopped)"  from Piemonte region  and a nice "Pecorino cheese" from Calabria region.

Chestnuts flour 500 gr. Granella hazelnuts (chopped)   



30th May 2012 - New product added: "Torta Regina" with hazelnuts

New cake is added in the "Pastries, cookies and cake" category. It's a delicious cake from a local producer with quality hazelnuts from Piemonte. 

Torta regina - cake met hazelnoten





28th May 2012 - Baci cookies in the Delicious magazine - june 2012


Yes, that's a good start as first news: our best cookies, Baci di Torino, are in the Delicious magazine - Juni 2012  !!!

Delicious cover page - juni 2012Delicious magazine - baci


Have a look at the product here: Baci di Torino