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Prelibato - Quality Italian Food, Wines & Spirits

Importer and distributor of quality italian  preserves, sauces, truffle products, chocolates, jams, coffee, hazelnuts products, liqueurs, grappe, wines, cookies, pastries, syrups and more.


We import products of "Distillerie Vincenzi", historic company from Turin that produces and sells mainly spirits since the 1930.


Distillerie Vincenzi Bicerin di gianduiotto likeur 


You can have a short presentation of "Distillerie Vincenzi" here:

Distillerie Vincenzi - English presentation  (video)

Distillerie Vincenzi - Italian presentation  (video)



We also import products for "Distilleria Revel Chion", an historic company from Chiaverano (northern turin area) that produces grappa since the 1850.


Distilleria Revel Chion


Distilleria Revel Chion -  Italian presentation  (video)





Prelibato imports and delivers high quality products for B2B, Ho.Re.Ca. , delicatessen stores, chocolade stores, culinary events.

We offer specialties such as sauces, olive oil, flour products, coffee, gianduiotti chocolate, amaretti, noga, cantuccini, baci and chocolate cream liqueurs, but also quality syrups that can be used for refreshing drinks, cakes, cocktails and more.

We also have classic and special liqueurs like Grappa di Moscato 18 aged months, chocolate liqueur (Bicerin di gianduiotto), Amaretto di Torino, Sambuca, Limoncello, Italian Espresso (coffe liqueur), Ratafla' (Cherry liqueur), liqueur for cakes and other alcoholic beverages.


We supply quality products for your business, restaurant, bar, shop, catering business or your business meeting. All products are 100% exclusive and Italian, most come from regio Piemonte, Liguria, Emila Romagna, Lazio, Campania and Calabria.


You can find  some of the products in the website, and some of them have also some suggestions on how they can be used, if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please contact us if would like to have more information or if you have any suggestion.


Prelibato - Quality Italian Food, Wines & Spirits

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