Ho.Re.Ca. & Shops - Prelibato - Groothandel italiaanse producten - Quality Italian Food, Wines & Spirits


Products & Services for Ho.Re.Ca. , delicacies and chocolate shops:

Import and distribution of:

- Coffee

- italian liqueurs, limoncello, grappa, sambuca, chocolate liqueur, alkermes and others

- Italian syrups, for cocktails, lemonade, ice creams, coffee, cakes

- Quality  italian chocolates from Turin and Sicily

- Hazelnuts products for shops and ice-cream shop

- Sauces, preserves, olives, mushrooms, spices

- Flour and rice products, : BIO rice, risotti, bruschette, grissini , tarallini  etc.

- Italian cookies, nougats and other products also from local and small producers

- Dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free products

Personalized services such as:

- Sweets, Grappa, liqueurs and other products with personalized labels


Key points:

- Products and services with high standards

- We  only work with trustable producers and collaborators

- We do not focus on high quantities, but only on quality and services to the customer

- Trustable and flexibles


We import products for several italian companies, such as:

- "Distillerie Vincenzi", historic company from Turin that produces and sells mainly spirits since the 1930.

- "Distilleria Revel Chion", an historic company that produces grappa since the 1850.

- "Marenco Aldo", wine producer focus, organic and quality wines from Piedmont region.

 - "Fattoria Sila", producer from Calabria region (Sila), wide ranges of products such as tomatoes, tapenade, spices.

- "Intenso", coffee company from Naples with interesting range of products, including organic and fair-trade.

- "Sottobosco Paoli", company from northern east italy, specializes in fruit juices, compote and marmelade

- "Birrificio San Michele",  brewery from Piedmont region, high quality craft beers, unpastorized and unfiltered 

- "La Madre Terra", from Emilia Romagna region, a wide assortment of organic products


If you would like to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or with the link "Contact us" at the bottom of the page


Prelibato - Quality Italian Food, Wines & Spirits

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