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Prelibato - Quality Italian Food, Wines & Spirits

Importer and distributor of quality italian delicacies, preserves, sauces, dried porcni mushrooms, truffle products, chocolates, coffee, hazelnuts products, fruit juices, liqueurs, craft beer, grappe, wines, topping, syrups, vegan and gluten-free products.
We work with Small & Mid-Size producers, that have attention on processes and source and quality of ingredients.
Our products do not contains animal derivatives, in most of the cases have a short list of ingredients and no preservatives, when possible we choose organic productions.

We import and distribute in Netherlands products mainly from the following Italian producers:

"Intenso", italian coffee from Naples

"Fattoria Sila", delicacies and preserves from Calabria

"Distillerie Vincenzi", historic company from Turin that produces Bicerin chocolate liqueur, special and classic spirits, syrups and more since the 1930.

"Distilleria Revel Chion", an historic company from Chiaverano (northern turin area) that produces grappa since the 1850.

"Marenco Aldo"  organic wines from Le Langhe - Piemonte (Unesco area) since 1992

"Sottobosco Paoli" fruit juices from Trentino

"Da Casto" Alta Pasticceria Italiana,  organic and natural italian Panettone (Vegan)

"Riso Margherita", quality italian rices from Piemonte

With focus on B2B, Ho.Re.Ca., delicatessen stores, chocolate stores, wine and liqueurs stores, special and healthy stores, but we can support single private requests if needed.

Beside classic wines, coffee and olive oil we offer specialties such as artisan pasta, green olives and special tapenade-spread, syrups. In specific periods of the year fresh truffle and Porcini mushrooms.

Also a range of classic liqueurs and special such Grappa di Moscato Riserva 18 aged months, chocolate liqueur (Bicerin di gianduiotto), Amaretto di Torino, Sambuca, Limoncello, Italian Espresso (coffee liqueur), Ratafla' (Cherry liqueur), liqueur for cakes and other alcoholic beverages. As seasonal products at the end of the year we offer Vegan organic Panettone.

We deliver the products with trusted transport companies, for small orders we can send with couriers, and , on request only, you can pick up the products in a warehouse located in Egmond aan den Hoef (Alkmaar area).

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us

Prelibato - Quality Italian Food, Wines & Spirits

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