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  • Chocolate liqueur - gift box

    Chocolate liqueur - gift box

    BICERIN chocolate liqueur. 0,7lt  -  15% alc  with exclusive gift box

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    This liqueur belongs to the ancient Turin culture and tradition. It is based on the famous “Gianduja” chocolate cream, i.e. a blend of cocoa and roasted hazelnuts that has been named after Gianduja, the traditional mask of the Turin carnival celebrated in the commedia dell’arte. 


    At the beginning of the 19th century. Bicerin (pronounced bee-cheh-REEN) was offered in all Cafés in Turin, as it is mentioned in the best gastronomic literature.    


    Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote:  “In 18th century Bicerin would become one of the most fashionable drinks in Turin, a kind of official drink.   Those who visited one of the many cafés in Turin would not resist the rite of enjoying the mixture of chocolate, coffee and milk cream.  Bicerin would be enjoyed in the most elegant cafés of the town: Fiorio’s, Diley’s, Nazionale’s, Torino’s,  San Carlo’s..”


    Alexandre Dumas wrote in a letter dated 1852: “I will never forget an excellent drink composed of coffee, milk and chocolate that is served in all Cafés in Turin”


    Around 1850 Camillo Benso, count of Cavour, Prime Minister of the Pieedmont-Sardinia Kingdom and a most important historic protagonist of Italian Unification, would state that Bicerin is absolutely his best drink and from that moment Bicerin has become the typical drink of Turin.


    The original Bicerin recipe, back in 1700, mentioned coffee as one of the ingredients. However coffee and cocoa at that time were very expensive products imported from overseas. On the other hand the Piedmont region, where Turin is the capital, has always been a very important hazelnuts producer.  For this reason, at the beginning of 1800,  the artful Turinese chocolatiers found a way to cut the costs of their chocolates by blending cocoa and roasted hazelnuts powder, thus inventing the “giandujotto” chocolate,  that is so well known and appreciated all over the world,  and our present Bicerin liqueur.   This recipe has remained unaltered since then


    For those who are not from Turin or from Northern Italy, it is interesting to note that the word “bicerin” in our local dialects means “small glass”.  In fact the habit is to serve Bicerin in a small clear rounded glass cup with an iron handle.


    Bicerin liqueur (15% vol. / 70 cl) is listed among the Traditional Agro-food Products of the Piedmont Region, as per art. 8 of the Italian Law # 173 dated April 30th, 1998)


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